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Lawyer Consultation Fee Ontario – Do you need to consult with a lawyer? Navigating Ontario employment law can be complex and confusing. Get live, actionable advice from the comfort of your home or office with our on-site legal advisors. One day service available.

We are not a typical firm. Dutton Employment Law provides advice only – we do not accept clients or solve their problems after a consultation. View our terms and conditions here.

Lawyer Consultation Fee Ontario

Dutton Employment Law is for individuals or companies looking for a quick one-hour chat about employment issues, not for those looking to retain an attorney to handle a matter after a consultation.

Free Consultation Form

Dutton Employment Law is designed to be a simple resource for getting your employment questions answered in a timely and affordable manner.

All consultations are conducted by an LSO licensed attorney with an Ontario law school education and nearly 10 years of experience.

In addition, if you need to proceed with your case, we can refer you to one of dozens of qualified attorneys in various specialties who can represent you. We will not collect referral fees from you or other attorneys – we only receive our income from referrals.

Individuals and companies often use our consulting service to review employment contracts, discuss the validity of a severance package, or analyze constructive dismissal.

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Many employment law firms offer free advice on severance packages, but no law firm that I know of offers free advice on every type of employment issue (eg contracts or personnel advice).

That’s why we offer affordable, fee-based consultations to advise you on any employment issue and guarantee that you’ll be speaking to a lawyer with over a decade of employment experience.

Also, we’d be rude not to look for a keeper next to you after our tip.

Although based in Toronto, we have access to practice throughout Ontario and advise clients from anywhere in the world on Ontario employment matters.

Questions To Ask Your Lawyer During A Consultation

After you call to set up a phone or Zoom consultation, a licensed Ontario attorney, Jeffrey Dutton, will listen to your story, ask questions about any missing information, and analyze your employment issue before giving you an opinion.

If you have been let go (fired, dismissed) or have other questions related to employment law (eg contracts, constructive dismissal, human rights), a lawyer can advise you if you have a job.

At the end of the consultation, we’ll advise you on what steps you should consider taking (if any), how long your case may take, who you should retain, and how much it will cost to work with a solicitor. We do not charge or accept referral fees.

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Fill out the form for a consultation (60 minutes). We are happy to discuss anything related to employment law and human resources at your consultation.

We are under no obligation to hire our law firm as we do not provide any legal services other than employment law advice. So whether you think it’s good news or bad news, we’re in a good position to give you the best and worst advice.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about employment. For example, if a new employment contract needs to be reviewed, we will do so in our consultation.

After you consult with an attorney, we are not obligated to retain our law firm, as we do not retain clients prior to the consultation. So there will be no sale.

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If we can’t help you, we’ll say so directly and refer you to someone who can. We want the best for you.

I’ll review the facts on the form, look over the issues, and read the documents you submit for free before our consultation.

I usually ask what you want to get out of this advice, and then move on to ask for facts by asking what you don’t think.

Our goal is to give you peace of mind. We want you to ask us everything (no wrong questions here). In addition, asking us questions helps us reveal details of your work that you may have missed or thought were irrelevant.

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We’ll give you an in-depth verbal review. For example, if it’s a lawsuit, we let you know if you have a lawsuit, how much it might cost, how long it might take, and your chances of success.

We hope to answer all your questions in our consultation. However, if there are more questions, we can arrange another one. Also, if you need to retain an attorney, we will refer you to someone you respect (we do not collect or accept referral fees).

If you’ve received a promotion or severance package, we’ll review it on Zoom. If you have been accused of wrongdoing, we will review the facts. If you have suffered harassment or a violation of your human rights at work, we will analyze your case. Whatever your problem, we’ll try to find an answer.

Many employees who are fired, laid off, laid off, or laid off are owed money by their employer. In some cases, employees may require the services of an employment lawyer to advise and act on their behalf in order to obtain the maximum amount of money. Don’t sign anything until you talk to a lawyer! Solves The Access To Justice Problem With Its Fixed Priced Legal Services Platform

Small and medium-sized businesses using our subscription plans can request more than one consultation per month.

Unlike our regular consultations, we will prepare, search and review documents outside of Zoom for our labor laws and subscription plans. Please note that with Subscription Plans, we do not handle litigation on your behalf. Just reduce or prepare documents, review and review.

Subscription plans are billed monthly and will automatically charge your credit card each billing cycle until you cancel.

I will not represent you after our consultation. I do not prepare memos or contracts or sue you. My only service is one-stop legal advice.

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You agree that the only thing I will be responsible for is advice. You further agree that I have limited your services to consultation only and thereby assume the risk of not having permanent legal representation for your matter after consultation. In many cases, it may be wiser to hire an attorney to provide advice and full legal representation after consultation.

While I have a duty to keep everything you tell me in strict confidence, avoid any conflicts of interest, and provide you with the highest level of professionalism, I am not your attorney after our consultation. This means I won’t help you if you have any legal needs/questions unless you provide further advice.

You pay $399 for your consultation (payment is accepted at the time of booking). This is a one-time, non-recurring charge. This money is not held in trust and does not constitute a retainer.

Your payment is for consultation only (I do not provide services like representation, letter/request/memo writing or post-consultation e-mail specific advice etc.).

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Given that we are not meeting in person in the office, I require payment in advance as this is the only way I can get paid for my work.

If you are not satisfied with our advice, please let me know within seven days and I will refund your payment. My goal is to make you satisfied and feel that the advice is worth your money.

If you want to cancel before our meeting, I will pay you if you give me three hours’ notice.

After your purchase, we will send you a free call with our standard law firm terms and conditions and to discuss how we can move forward together.

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A severance package is usually the lowest the employer can convince you to agree to. These severance packages have rapidly approaching dates for the employee to sign before they “lose” their offer. This is wrong; An employer owes employees a duty regardless of what they offer, and only an attorney can reach the highest level on behalf of a wrongfully terminated employee. Therefore, before you sign a severance or separation package, call our Toronto employment team to schedule a consultation with a labor and employment lawyer.

During a termination package review, the attorney meets with the client to review the terms of the termination

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