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Lawyer Consultation App – Currently available on the Google Play Store. Avocat has an emergency button and a one-on-one legal advice service with renowned lawyers. With just one click on the emergency button, Avocat will send a legal professional to you within minutes. The feature works by reporting a victim’s location to registered attorneys in the area. Every Nigerian has the right to live and be free, but in recent times we have seen continued violations of these rights in the form of abuse of power and domestic violence. Avocat was launched with the aim of combating these security concerns, simplifying access to lawyers and bringing them closer to the masses. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO), William Chidube, hopes that Avocat, inspired by the #ENDSARS protests, will help combat the issues of insecurity and violence that are prominent in our society. Avocat has recently been awarded an investment grant from the Hague Institute for Innovation of Law (HiiL), the Netherlands. Avocat strives to work with qualified lawyers in different parts of the country. Once a lawyer is registered on the platform, he becomes a partner and starts earning income by providing his services through the platform. All attorneys are vetted to ensure their authenticity. Lawyers can download the Avocat app and register here. With a subsidized subscription of 10,000 Naira per year, a subscriber can access the premium emergency feature that allows lawyers to receive notifications about legal emergencies happening around them. However, there is a free tier that sends emails and text messages to a user’s emergency contacts if they ever press the emergency button. Lawyers are also available 24/7 to advise you on your legal rights, land disputes, divorce settlements, domestic violence, protection and other legal issues. About Avocat AvocatTM protects you during legal emergencies. It uses advanced geolocation technology to accurately track your location. AvocatTM plays a meaningful role in the protection of human rights and intends to remain the medium through which the general masses obtain legal advice at a subsidized rate. It is currently available on the Google Play Store and will be coming to the Apple App Store in December 2021.

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Lawyer Consultation App

Join us at the Lagos Startup Expo and connect with startups, investors and industry leaders. Do not miss it! Online Legal App is the best mobile application where you can find the best legal advisors around the world and legal advisors with different specializations for different locations and book them online through the app itself.

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Notarization of Legal Documents: Guarantee the legality and authenticity of your important legal documents with our professional notary services. When precision, authenticity and legality matter, turn to Awad Alaryani Advocates, your dedicated notary service. We understand the importance of properly executed documents in various aspects of life, and our expert notary services are here to ensure your paperwork is error-free and legally binding.

Our team consists of skilled and experienced notary professionals who bring a wealth of knowledge to the notarial process. Trust us to handle your documents with accuracy and attention to detail

We make the notarization process simple and convenient. Whether you need our services in the office, at home or at another location, we are flexible to meet your needs

From legal contracts to real estate documents, affidavits and more, Awad Alaryani Advocates & Legal Consultancy offers notarial services for a wide range of documents

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Can’t you come to us? No problem. Our mobile notary services bring the notary public within reach. Just install our application and get started

Whether you are dealing with a legal dispute, need help drafting documents or require representation in court, Awad Alaryani Advocates & Legal Consultancy is ready to guide you. Trust us to handle the complex matters so you can focus on achieving a positive legal resolution. When legal issues arise, having the right support is crucial. At Awad Alaryani Advocates & Legal Consultancy, we are your reliable partner in navigating the complex terrain of the legal system. Our comprehensive legal services are designed to provide you with the expertise and guidance needed to overcome legal challenges

Our team of experienced legal professionals brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise. From court filings to case management, we ensure you receive first-class legal support throughout the process

Say goodbye to paperwork stress. We specialize in meticulous document preparation and ensure that all necessary paperwork is submitted accurately, organized and on time

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Every legal case is unique. Our strategic case management approach tailors our services to the specific needs of your situation, maximizing the chances of a favorable outcome

When your case requires representation in court, you can trust Awad Alaryani Advocates & Legal Consultancy to represent you on your behalf. Our expert lawyers are committed to representing your interests

Select the desired date and time to receive support from professional legal advisors or make an appointment immediately

After successful video consultation with professional legal advisors, you can continue to follow us for the next step. Advanced technology has invaded almost every sector of multiple industries. The legal sector also uses the latest technology to improve its services. It is very efficient that everything remains available within a few clicks in today’s technologically driven world. So, the legal industry has opened its doors and is ready to provide convenience to its users. This is done by the lawyer advice adoption app, which can improve how users can access the required services. Many law firms are working with traditional methods that cannot match the pace of today’s digital transformation standards. According to the study, the rise of AI has revolutionized the legal sector. The global legal services market was worth $901.8 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.3% through 2030. (SOURCE)

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A legal application like Clio can be an excellent choice for your business if you want to expand your potential customer base and improve your customer experience. What is Clio, you ask? Well, it is a mobile application designed for lawyers and law firms. This application helps legal professionals access their client information remotely. With this application, the essential data about any case can be accessed in just a few clicks.

Do you also want to develop an app for lawyer advice, just like Clio? In this blog we give you insight into the different aspects you need to take into account to achieve your goal. But before we move on to the features and benefits, let us first explore how developing an application similar to the Clio will be fruitful for your business.

The legal sector plays a crucial role and is somehow connected to all other sectors. And as every sector accepts the emergence of next-generation technology, the legal sector must transform as well. The main reason to hire the best mobile app development service providers is to stand shoulder to shoulder with other industries. Other crucial points to pay attention to are:

The market for online legal services is flourishing because it helps companies develop. Digitalization has the power to acquire your multinational business clients, which is why it is one of the top reasons why you should consider applying for a lawyer consultation.

Chit Chats With Ceo Of Legal Standpoint Keitumetse Pule

The second most important point to be noted is that online presence will provide you with a greater reach in today’s era. Customer demands have improved, so they desire similar customer service. By presenting them with the application, you provide them with the convenience of connecting to the services they want from anywhere.

Functions are the soul of any application and for the legal sector, many nooks and crannies need to be properly covered. With the integration of advanced technologies in this sector, the personalization of services has gained momentum. Here we have tried to list the most important features that you should consider, and they are:

As a law firm you have to keep track of several things. This is not about normal data, but about calendar management, document management, billing data and much more. Providing each client with their specific case details or essential information related to it can be hectic work. This is why adding this feature to your lawyer consultation app will ensure that your clients or customers have access to these important parts of any case involving them.

It doesn’t matter where your customers are located; with the help of this mobile app they can access this data safely. This function is also available in the Clio app and provides an overview of the required information for each case. With this company and the customers, both can look at the details in a controlled manner and make the entire process run smoothly. Through this application, the lawyers can also work on their case, keeping their time to a minimum.

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You will need to meet with each specific department to gain insight

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