Family Lawyer Free Consultation Kitchener

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Family Lawyer Free Consultation Kitchener – Located in Kitchener, Ontario, our family lawyers work in the community to handle complex family law issues. Our family law team ensures that their knowledge of legal decisions and publications is up to date, enabling innovative advocacy on behalf of our clients.

We are dedicated to discovering creative solutions to complex family legal challenges through alternative dispute resolution methods. Our team expertly represents our clients’ interests using negotiation, mediation and arbitration. If these methods are unsuccessful, the lawyers of MFC Lawyers will tactically advocate for the rights of our clients in court at all levels.

Family Lawyer Free Consultation Kitchener

“I put all my trust in Erika Macleod and I was not disappointed. Erika answered all my questions correctly and helped me through a seriously difficult time. 10 stars. Thank you.”

Child Custody And Child Access Issues Finding And Maintaining A Lasting Resolution

Our Kitchener lawyers understand that long separations do not provide benefits and that your time and resources are limited. We will work closely with you to identify the most effective strategy to solve your problem.

After selecting a course of action, we will work diligently to ensure the prompt resolution of your matter.

Our experienced legal team is equipped to handle any challenges arising from the breakdown of your relationship. Our team of lawyers has represented clients in a variety of family disputes in mediation/arbitration sessions, negotiations and in court. Selected services include:

A well prepared and executed Power of Attorney guarantees that your loved ones possess the understanding and power to implement your wishes for your personal care if you cannot decide or express your wishes.

Family Lawyers In Kitchener

A carefully designed Will can ease the uncertainty and tension for your family when it comes to property issues, estate administration, and the allocation of your assets after your death.

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