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Education Law Consultation Guernsey – The aim of the review is to modernize the legislation in order to meet the educational goals and aspirations of modern society, be consistent and align with other legislation and international standards.

Education, Sport and Culture are seeking public comments on a number of proposed changes to the Education Law.

Education Law Consultation Guernsey

In January 2018, the States agreed to replace the current Education (Guernsey) Law, 1970 with a new law that sets out the educational aims and aspirations of a modern society. The aim of this review is to modernize the legislation in order to meet Guernsey’s educational goals and aspirations, be consistent and align with other legislation and international standards.

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The survey can be found online here: or a paper copy can be requested from transformingeducation@ or by calling 01481 733000.

Why does the law need to be changed? It is recognized that the current law has not been fit for purpose for many years. A number of areas such as equal opportunities, home education, special educational needs and disabilities will be included in the new law. The law will also provide a legal framework for school funding and further education, supported by the Committee’s general objectives that the new law is permissive and flexible. incorporated through discussions with educational professionals, and as part of the Education Law Working Group that facilitated the review. Purpose of the new law The new law aims to establish a framework for the provision of an efficient, effective and sustainable but flexible public education system. .

Your responses will be treated confidentially and you will not be asked to provide any identifying information.

Survey Monkey stores data on its servers in the United States. Because these data centers are located in unauthorized jurisdictions, please read the Survey Monkey Privacy Policy before giving your consent and completing the survey.

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To add this page to your phone’s homescreen, go to the menu button and “Add to homescreen”. The current Law began in 1970 but its roots are much older and many of the descriptions and words in it are not relevant or appropriate for today’s education system. The review of Education Law considered what is needed in Guernsey and Alderney and how education legislation has been updated in other jurisdictions, particularly the other parts of the British Isles.

Education is looking for feedback in a questionnaire that highlights areas of change that can be proposed for the new Law. It focuses on those areas that can see the greatest change or those that are of interest to the wider community rather than asking about every aspect of the Law.

Some terms and abbreviations are used as part of the questionnaire. Education has provided a brief definition/explanation of these to help ensure there is a common understanding. This list along with other information on the States website can be accessed by clicking the button below.

Education wants anyone interested to complete an online questionnaire that can be accessed via the button below. They have not provided a draft law or other document for you to read so all the necessary information should be in the questionnaire or definitions provided on their website mentioned above.

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You can access the questionnaire by clicking on the button below. Completed forms must be sent by 6 March 2023.

If you want to make other comments that are not in the questionnaire you can do so by sending an email to [email protected] by March 6.

If you want to learn more about Education Law we are organizing a Members meeting focused on education at Les Cotils in the Carol Hines Room on Friday 17 February 2023 at 12:00. We welcome David Stumpf from Education to the meeting from 12:30 to 13:45 to give an update on the SEND review and the Education Law consultation.

Our website uses cookies for technical, analytical and marketing purposes. Here is more information. If you agree with this, continue browsing. The managing committees of OkSCHOOL appealed to the deputies to stop the proposals for a new Law on Education in today’s States meeting.

Deputies Call For Further Consultation On Abortion

Education Chair Andrea Dudley-Owen today faces a call from school management committees for States to delay her committee’s proposals for a new Education Law. (Photo by Luke Le Prevost, 32229437)

The deputies received an email yesterday sent on behalf of management committees in the primary and secondary phases where they asked them to consider supporting a moratorium – a delay motion – to allow more time for consultation and for the Education proposals for a new law to be re be considered.

“None of the members of the school management committee spoke in support in the presentation of the Education law recently,” they said.

‘Since then some of the management committees have met with all their members, who still oppose many parts of the new Law on Education.

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‘For this reason, once the amendments have been tabled and voted on and a general debate has taken place, will the members of the States please consider a provision before Education summarizes?’

Education, Sport and Culture is asking the Assembly to support 44 separate proposals as drafting instructions for a new comprehensive law to be introduced in September 2025 to replace legislation which in some cases dates back to the 1970s .

In addition to the school management committees’ request for a moratorium, the ESC is facing nine amendments to its proposals. The amendments include several regarding home education and grant-aided colleges.

The email sent on behalf of the management committees, which was not passed on to the Guernsey Press by the committees, raised several concerns about the ESC proposals. But it focused primarily on plans to appoint school governance boards. Each board has a broad oversight role for a group of schools but few powers.

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Criticized the proposed membership, duties and costs of governance boards. She also claimed that there was uncertainty in the proposals on whether the ESC would use governance boards to transfer responsibility for the performance and quality of the States’ schools.

“Sursis allows the ESC to accept what is raised [by the management committees] and in the debate.

The ESC said that its proposals for a new law are ‘imperative’ and that ‘the foundation of the educational system is the legislative framework that supports it’. CALLS to delay a new Education Law made on behalf of school management committees are not supported by all. their members.

The deputies received an email on Tuesday informing them that the management committees in the primary and secondary phases of education wanted to consider a sursis – a delay motion – to allow more time for consultation on proposals from Education, Sport and Culture that the States came. debate this week.

Instos To Re Enter Advice, Soas Scrapped In Landmark Reform Package

The ex-Principal of Blanchelande College Lesley Le Page, who sits on committees at Saint Martin Primary and Les Beaucamps High, said yesterday that she is not aware of any major objection to the new Law. on Education’.

Mrs Le Page attended a meeting towards the end of last year in which the proposals were discussed by around 15 school committee members.

“There were certainly some people in attendance who strongly objected to various details, especially changes in the way school committees are currently run,” she said.

However, no consensus was reached and no one was appointed to speak on behalf of all the committees, which act independently of each other, and not all of which were present at this meeting.

Guernsey Property And Construction / Issue 9 By Rock And Small

‘Since then there have been more information and discussion meetings with the ESC for the school committee members in which there was a lively debate, but not all the committees were represented and there certainly wasn’t no conclusions on behalf of all committees.’

Mrs Le Page said that a number of her colleagues in the committees felt that they were ‘misrepresented’ by the email sent to the deputies and they were not very happy’.

“None of the members of the school management committee spoke in support in the presentation of the Education law recently,” she said.

“Since then some of the steering committees have met with all their members, who are still opposed to many parts of the new Law on Education. The Law on Education, a piece key work from the previous ESC committee, was put on the back burner. . Helen Bowditch examines a leaked copy of the report and its implications

Consultation Is Crucial: Gfsc

A COMMITMENT was given that proposals for a new Law on Education will be brought before the States in the next 18 months.

Deputy Andrea Dudley-Owen, president of the new Education, Sport and Culture, said that her committee inherited work in progress that was not formally signed by the previous incumbents.

‘There is a small group of people, including some of our colleagues in the Assembly, ex-politicians and some journalists, who are constantly trying to put us against the previous committee, she said.

‘Apart from poor governance, this is a new committee duly elected – both by the electorate and the Assembly – to lead a political direction for Education, Sport and Culture and this is what we will do.

Public To Give Their Views On Proposals For New Guernsey Education Law

‘We will continue to work at the pace, learn, research, take advice and with due consideration we will make changes, if necessary, in the policy.

‘Much of the work of the Fallaize committee is being done

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