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Lawyer Consultation Fee Dubai – Owning assets is great security for the future, but it also comes with a lot of responsibilities. From arranging legal documents and selling property to transferring land titles and dealing with property disputes, some of these responsibilities can only be handled with the help of a good property lawyer.

If you are looking for a property lawyer who can help you manage all the legal responsibilities that come with owning property, or if you need to stake a claim on a particular property, our most Check out the great list. Property Lawyers and Firms in Dubai!

Lawyer Consultation Fee Dubai

But before we continue with our list, let’s talk about how much it costs to hire a property lawyer in Dubai.

Lawyers In Dubai Advocates And Legal Consultants In Dubai

Property law is a broad field and lawyers regularly take on a wide range of jobs and clients. Hence, payment schemes and rates are decided on a case-to-case basis.

When you hire a lawyer, there are 2 payment plans available: hourly payment or lump sum payment. The payment scheme applied depends on the scope of work for which you need your lawyer.

When you’re paying on an hourly basis, this usually involves one-time legal advice, drafting simple contracts like lease agreements and sales contracts, or when the scope of work is for a lawyer. remains unpredictable, involves.

Every lawyer has a different hourly rate. It depends on their expertise, the number of years they have been practicing, and the law firm they represent.

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In Dubai, well-experienced property lawyers charge around AED 1, 200 to AED 4, 000 per hour. In practice, even if your consultation takes less than an hour, lawyers still bill you for the full hour.

If you need to file a case against someone or if you are being sued, lawyers can easily estimate the scope of work involved and the number of hours they will likely spend working on your case. can put For this reason, lawyers will implement a lump sum payment plan.

Through this payment plan, you make one payment at an agreed time. It will cover all stages of the case till its resolution.

There are no fixed rates because each case involves different parties, issues, claims and damages. When the claim amount in a case is higher, the rate charged will be more expensive due to the complexity of the case.

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Now that you know more about how much you will spend on a property lawyer in Dubai, it’s time to pick one of the best property lawyers and firms in Dubai!

Real Estate Disputes, Real Estate Registration, Drafting of Agreements for Purchase and Sale of Properties, Providing Advice in Formation of Real Estate Business, Obtaining Real Estate License, Finance and Securities, Drafting of Tenancy Agreements, Litigation and Arbitration , Property Acquisition and Disposal, Mortgage Consultants, Owners Association Consultants, Real Estate Broker Registration

HHS Lawyers is a full-service law firm specializing in a variety of legal services. On top of property law, they offer litigation services for other areas of law including trademark and intellectual property, family law, labor law, and corporate law.

With over 30 years of experience and over 550 clients, HHS Lawyers has become one of the most trusted law firms in the UAE. He has successfully handled more than 1,000 cases and has several awards under his belt.

Tws Legal Consultants

While HHS lawyers provide a wide range of services under property law, the firm’s property disputes attorneys are best known for their work on boundary disputes including changing or removing boundaries, professional negligence of estate attorneys, And legal documents contain errors.

One of the things we particularly like about HHS Lawyers is that they have offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. This makes providing legal services involving property more efficient.

If you are wondering why this is important for property law, if you have many properties spread across the UAE, these properties fall under different jurisdictions. This means that dealing with property dispute cases or securing legal documents will likely require a lot of travel and visits to government offices in different cities.

“One of the best law firms in Dubai. Their lawyers are professionals and have helped me time and again.”

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Having been around for almost 40 years, Al Safar & Partners has built and maintained its reputation as one of the most respected law firms in the UAE. As a full-service law firm, their team of lawyers is capable of handling different areas of law and clients.

Compared to other law firms, property or real estate law is their top-performing department. They have handled more than 2,600 property-related cases over the past decade and boast a client list that includes the UAE’s largest property developers.

One good thing to note about the firm is that Al Safar & Partners consists of lawyers and legal advisors who are also members of the bar in countries like the UK, Spain, Russia, Italy, India and Egypt.

If you have assets outside the UAE, this is definitely an advantage as you can be sure that the firm will have lawyers who are well versed in Private International Law and the property laws of other countries.

Female Lawyers, Emirati Woman Lawyer

We also recommend taking advantage of their free 30-minute consultation! This is a rare opportunity that you won’t get in other firms and you also consult with their Managing Partner, Kavita Panicker.

“I needed urgent legal advice on 26 September 2019. I was taken in time to meet my mentor, one of the managing partners, Ms. Kavita. All the details I had previously submitted were reviewed and he was fully prepared with answers and details on how to proceed. All along I experienced that the focus was on providing help and not on receiving money.

“We have been associated with Ms. Kavita for a long time. The firm has delivered results every time we expect them to. I will be happy to recommend them to my friends. They have a large team of lawyers who specialize in almost all areas of practice. “

“In November 2017, I paid for a case which they have not filed till now. They are now refusing to even meet with us. Worst experience of my life. The case was taken up with a promise to solve it in a week.

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“The worst law firm ever. Liars and deceivers who make elaborate promises but can’t keep any of them. Very rude relationship manager with absolutely 0 communication skills. “

Commercial Leasing, Commercial Real Estate, Homeowners Association Law, Landlord and Tenant Law, Neighbors and Pets, Residential Real Estate

Established more than 18 years ago, Al Riami & Muheldin Law is a full-service law firm with a comprehensive list of practice areas, including banking law, corporate law and labor law. Priding themselves on the versatility of their team, the firm’s attorneys handle both criminal and civil law matters.

Al Riami & Muhlieldeen’s track record is quite impressive with a 97% case success rate of judgment claims in excess of AED 20 billion – a feat not many law firms are able to accomplish.

Hire A Lawyer Online, Legal Advice, Over The Phone Consultation

As their lawyers have been active in many significant cases involving property and have experience going up against large developers, property law is one of the firm’s strengths.

Similar to Al Safar & Partners, one of their firm’s best features is their diverse team, with most of their lawyers practicing both local and international law.

This essentially means that in addition to being licensed to practice in Dubai and other countries, their lawyers are also certified by international bodies and organizations to appear before international courts or practice international arbitration.

We also think it’s great that they have offices in other major cities around the world such as New York, Moscow and Istanbul. Apart from being beneficial for clients who already own properties in other countries, this is also an advantage if you are looking to invest in or buy properties outside the UAE in the future.

Free Legal Advice In Dubai

“I highly recommend Al Riami Advocates to my friends and others looking for legal assistance in the UAE. I had a case once after I left Dubai, but even though I’m back in the UK, they keep sending me updates regarding the status of my case.

“I did a core search three months ago on which legal firm can handle my legal battle and Al Riami Advocates has been recognized as one of the best.”

In 2013, three of the UAE’s leading legal firms, Sughra Salem bin Sarum Partners, Abd Alaziz Al Khemeri Advocates, and RAALC Consultancy came together to form a group to work towards the same goal of excellence in the field of law.

Since property law is one of their areas of expertise, they deal with both commercial and residential litigation. The property cases he has handled over the years include multinational construction companies and developers.

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What we love about the way they handle cases is that instead of assigning just one lawyer to your case, they dedicate an entire team based on the type and category of your case. This really gives you an idea of ​​how important it is for them to fine-tune their strategy for each

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